Planet Freya

Be part of a virtual dance party and meet ravers from all over the world!!!
Peace, Love, Unity, Respect !

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(08. May 2021)



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08. May: Zwerghain | Virtual Techno Club

Timetable (in CEST, Berlin):

20:00 Man Kloak (Prompter)
21:00 Lena Kraviz (Arnaldo Capo)
22:00 DJ TBA (Bias)
23:30 Marshall Deadman (S:K:)
01:00 Kobosilke (Blond007)
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How to enter

● Just open the link above, type your name and enter the Planet Freya!
● Planet Freya operates on the platform
● Use Laptop/PC with Google Chrome/Firefox/IE for best Perofrmance
● Press "X" to open or drop down the Livestream
● Use arrow keys or mouse to navigate on the Dancefloor/Chillout
● You can mute and unmute people and turn your camera on and off anytime

Illustrated instructions:

How to connect